Lease Programs for Banks

Susquehanna Commercial Finance (SCF) partners with banks to offer lease programs to their customers on a third party or "private label" basis. We can provide "private label" lease documentation and billing to banks that meet minimum volume requirements. As a general lessor SCF funds leases on a national basis for transactions ranging from $5,000 -$500,000. Equipment leasing accounted for 30% of all business investment in equipment for the year 1999. Offering a lease product provides one-stop shopping for your customer and provides additional fee income to the bank. Partnering with SCF allows you to offer leasing in your product line without incurring the startup cost of developing a lease division within your company.

SCF can help you develop marketing materials for leasing that match other materials that you have in place for existing products. We can also provide brochures, statement stuffers and other marketing pieces to launch this new product. SCF offers training programs for your employees to help them understand the basics of leasing.

Program Benefits
  • No Exposure Issues
  • No "Reg O" Considerations
  • Recourse Option
  • In-House underwriting up to $500,000
  • Automated credit scoring
  • Application only up to $100,000