Everyone Makes Mistakes. It's how we recover that matters.

Setting aside backup funds in a sweep account* is one way to protect yourself from an overdraft mistake.

Prevent returned checks and overdrafts from your checking account by linking another deposit account to it as overdraft protection. This account, referred to as a sweep account, may prevent returned checks and overdrafts, by providing the necessary funds when your checking account has insufficient funds. Funds are simply transferred, or swept, from the sweep account to the checking account. Contact your local office or call 800.311.3182 to set up your sweep arrangement today.

A sweep account can be any deposit account, such as:

  • An additional checking account
  • A savings or money market account

When you set up your sweep account you’ll have peace of mind
knowing funds are there when:

  • Getting money at an ATM
  • Making a purchase with your check card
  • Setting up automatic payments and transfers

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*An overdraft sweep transfer fee per transaction may be assessed.

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Using Online Banking is a great backup tool. You can review total available funds, set balance alerts and transfer funds between accounts - all online. Enroll today!