International Services

Susquehanna is now a division of Branch Banking and Trust Company and  currently has one of the most sophisticated International Services Divisions of all banks in our region. We provide a broad range of foreign exchange products, international letters of credit and frequent ongoing education and support to our clients as part of our service. Our customers are companies with international operations, domestic businesses with suppliers and customers overseas and local subsidiaries of foreign multinational corporations.

As a member of SWIFT®, BB&T can access and communicate directly with a worldwide network of over 9,000 global financial institutions in order to facilitate international transactions and transfers for our customers.

Managing Foreign Exchange Transactions and Payments

Susquehanna provides the solution:

  • Foreign wires, drafts, checks and collections
  • Foreign currency accounts*

* Certain limitations apply

Our SWIFT* code is SQHBUS33.

Solutions for Mitigating Currency Risk

Effectively manage foreign currency risk with:

  • Currency Forwards
  • Window Forwards

Facilitating Global Trade

Import Letters of Credit

If your company imports goods from foreign suppliers, you may be required to have a financial institution issue an Import Letter of Credit on your behalf. This enables you to:

  • Shift the payment responsibility to the issuing bank
  • Finance imports by opening letters of credit under which drafts can be drawn in US dollars or foreign currency

Export Letters of Credit

  • Be assured that you will receive payment from your overseas customers in a timely manner if terms and conditions are met

International Standby Letters of Credit

  • Use these letters of credit as a guarantee of payment and added assurance to your trading partners

Purchasing Foreign Currency for Your Travels

Call or visit your local branch for details.